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Sitemark Partners with Fulcrum to Launch One-Stop Solar Field Solution on Mobile

By June 7, 2021November 22nd, 2023No Comments

The Fulcrum Mobile Workforce Automation Platform has been integrated with the industry-leading Sitemark Fuse Platform to extend its offering and streamline field operations for faster, data-driven decision making.

Leuven, Belgium – AI-powered aerial data platform Sitemark has partnered with Fulcrum to create a new Field App that makes it easier and more effective than ever for companies to collect field data, clearly visualize site anomalies, and take action to fix them – all on a mobile device. Thanks to a comprehensive site view built on aerial data from drones and data gathered by field workers, this reduces risk for commercial solar project installation and maintenance, saving companies critical time and money.

Sitemark, which is one of the world’s most respected aerial data platforms for operators of solar, construction and mining sites, gives companies operational clarity at the click of a button. Fulcrum, meanwhile, provides a no-code platform designed to streamline mobile data collection, automate workflows, and deliver critical data-driven insights with location intelligence. This innovative combined solution extends the Sitemark platform to give field owners a complete view of their installations. The app ensures better intelligence, greater efficiencies, and lower risk than either aerial or ground-based inspections would provide on their own.

“Sitemark Fuse Platform customers can now go fully digital,” says Sitemark CEO Michiko Lloyd, explaining that this will give their clients the edge by enabling them to eliminate pen-and-paper processes by collecting data on mobile devices instead.

“We exist to help our customers maximize their solar asset builds and operations, and listening to their needs is our top priority. So, when it came to delivering a field app that would extend our ability to serve our customers, we knew it would be important to select a partner that was focused on this area rather than build an app ourselves. Partnering with Fulcrum was the obvious choice because they do this best. As a result, we can now offer our customers a one-stop-shop experience while delivering end-to-end, best-in-class software.”

Sitemark already gives its global clients a full digital view of what is really happening to their businesses on the ground. Now it is going one step further to enable faster data-driven decision making, while reducing errors, site delays, and site revisits.

“The Sitemark field app puts all your plant data in the palm of your hand,” says Sitemark client and Girasol Renewable Energy founder, Yoni Ben Mazia. “It completes the Sitemark platform and has made this solution even more accurate and effective. The app’s primary benefit is that it has simplified work for our field technicians, enabling them to quickly navigate to defective modules and to prioritize their treatment. This truly is the practical and powerful solution we were looking for.”

It is clear that this new field app is a symbiotic pairing for Sitemark and Fulcrum, and one that will bring many additional perks to Sitemark’s clients. Aside from benefiting from digital advantages such as seeing their GPS position on the map and thus helping them to navigate themselves through complex solar sites, technicians can now access much-needed information on the mobile device of their choice. This will be faster, more effective, and more efficient, while drastically improving maintenance work.

“Sitemark has excellent technology for creating visibility into what is happening onsite. Our platform allows for a boots-on-the-ground extension, delivering even more value for customers,” says Fulcrum CEO Jim Grady. “Sitemark’s field app, built using our no-code mobile app platform, ensures field teams can efficiently perform solar inspections, warranty claim repairs, and other activities to generate accurate, mission-critical information. This is a natural partnership that will easily extend to other industries, such as construction and utilities.”

Existing Sitemark customers can now benefit from this dynamic pairing by accessing the app on their existing Sitemark Fuse Platform. New customers interested in learning more about how the Sitemark-Fulcrum collaboration could benefit them can do so on

“For us at Sitemark, partnering with Fulcrum has been about adding value to our customers and to each other,” continues Ms. Lloyd. “We know our Sitemark platform can help Fulcrum’s customers in other markets, such as construction and inspection, just like we know our solar customers are excited to extend their use of Sitemark by adding on the Fulcrum application.

“Together we provide a cohesive solution that really does enable solar businesses to get the data they need to get the job done,” she concludes.

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