Adherence to IEC

The Global Standard for Aerial Thermography Inspections.






Accurate Data

What is IEC TS 62446-3:2017?

IEC TS 62446-3:2017(E) defines requirements for testing, documenting, and maintaining photovoltaic systems and among those, outdoor thermographic (infrared) inspection of PV modules and plants in operation.
This inspection supports the preventive maintenance for fire protection, the availability of the system for power production, and the inspection of the quality of the PV modules.

This standard lays down requirements for the measurement equipment, ambient conditions, inspection procedure, inspection report, personnel qualification, and a matrix for thermal abnormalities as a guideline for the inspection.

Flexible Platform

Intelligent Acquisition

Weather forecasts are used to plan the flights, while quality checks at upload guarantee IEC adherence.

Combined Data Sources

Easily combine data coming from different sources to get a full view of the environmental conditions.

Accurate Comparisons

Normalize to standard test conditions (STC) to compare across sites and through time.

Flexible Weather Platform

Professional Analysis

Detailed & Actionable Insights

Accurate cause and severity insights are translated into clear remedial actions.

Verifiable Results

Full data transparancy and in-platform analysis tools allow easy verification.

Certified Thermographers

In-house experts confirm AI detections, achieving fast high-quality delivery.

Powerful Reporting

Completely Configurable

Decide which anomalies and what information ends up in the report export.

Inspection Details

Inspection routine, hardware specifications and environmental conditions are included.

High- and Low-level Insights

Region-based statistics are combined with a detailed analysis per module.

Powerful reporting

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