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Designing Rooftops with Drone Data and PV Design Software

In this webinar, you will discover how to create a solar rooftop design with drone data processed by Sitemark & Virto Solar’s design software.

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Aerial Drone Data:
Capturing Actionable Insights

Understand your solar site’s health better by capturing the best high-quality data and turning it into actionable insights.

Pushing the Boundaries of Aerial Thermography with Electroluminescence

Increase your understanding of your asset’s health more cost-effectively by combining aerial thermography and aerial electroluminescence (EL).

Weather normalization webinar

Weather Normalization: The Holy Grail for Thermal Inspection Analysis

Is it your goal to produce the most accurate thermal inspection data?
Then you can’t go without weather normalization!

Analyst Project Webinar

The Future of Solar Site Management: When Aerial Data & Monitoring Systems Meet in a Digital Twin

A group of industry-leading companies will take you on a journey towards PV plant management of the future.

Sonnedix Webinar

A View From the Field: How Aerial Data Helps Sonnedix Optimize Their Solar Sites

This webinar will pinpoint real, practical, and effective ways that aerial data helped Sonnedix optimize their sites.⁣

Girasol Webinar

How Combining Monitoring & Aerial Thermography Will Take Your PV Site To The Next Level

Hear experts explain the importance of combining a monitoring system with aerial thermography.

RatedPower Webinar

Solving the PV development-EPC handover once and for all

Having a smooth handover between development, engineering or construction teams can help you reduce costs. Hear our experts in the field explain how you can achieve this!

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How to Outsmart Solar Construction Issues Through Digitalization

In this webinar, Alinea Solar’s Technical Director, Germán Pinar Sanz, shares real-world use cases on accelerating your solar construction projects through digitalization.

From PID Losses to Optimizing Your Solar Site Production

An exclusive webinar on Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) on ensuring optimal system performance and output by detecting PID early on and mitigating the issues.

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