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The European Commission has granted EUR 8.4 million to a three-year H2020 project that develops an artificial intelligence platform for monitoring and analyzing mine sites across Europe. The Goldeneye project will develop solutions that improve mines’ safety, environmental impact, and profitability by creating a platform that combines earth observation technologies with on-site sensing.

About Sitemark

Founded in 2016, Sitemark pioneered using drones and aerial data in the solar and construction industry to provide new insights that could not be gathered from the ground. By combining our experience in both industries, we introduced the concept of a digital twin across the entire lifecycle of a solar site, from engineering to construction and onwards to operations.

Sitemark continues to establish itself in the Aerial Data Analytics industry and is used by some of the world’s Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 companies, such as Vinci, Engie, Bouygues, and Orix, among others. Within the Energy, Mining, Agriculture, and Construction industries, Sitemark has helped its customers reduce and streamline costs, avoid project delays, and manage large portfolio projects across the entire life cycle of the site.

Screenshot of site in Fuse Platform

About GoldenEye EU H2020

The Goldeneye project will implement a unique combination of remote sensing and positioning technologies, exploiting Earth observation and Earth GNSS data, together with data fusion and processing powered by data analytics and machine-learning algorithms.

The platform will allow satellites, drones, and in-situ sensors to collect high-resolution data of the entire mine, which can be processed and converted into actionable intelligence for safety, environmental monitoring, and overall productivity, allowing more efficient exploration, extraction, and closure.

These tools will be demonstrated in 5 field trials in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, and Finland, creating a compelling value proposition for implementation across the mining industry value chain.

The project will run for three years and an EC funding of €8.36M. The consortium includes a significant industrial partner, 7 SMEs, four academic/research centers, and four end-users, supported by a strong advisory board of experts in geosciences.

GoldenEye Concept

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.