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Effortless Annotating and Measuring Using Sitemark’s New AI Magic Wand Tool

By April 25, 2023November 22nd, 2023No Comments

At Sitemark, we’re committed to accelerating the transition to renewable energy through digital solutions. Our solar digitization platform provides Asset Managers, EPCists, and O&M teams with a complete digital view of their solar site that helps them increase productivity and mitigate risks.

As a pioneering company, we’re always looking for new ways to provide our customers with innovative tools to manage their solar sites better and more efficiently. We’re excited to announce Sitemark’s new AI Magic Wand tool, powered by Meta AI’s revolutionary Segment Anything Model (SAM), for effortless annotating and measuring on solar sites.

How does it work?

Sitemark‘s new AI Magic Wand tool is powered by SAM, an advanced AI model that can “cut out” any object, in any image, with just a single click. This advanced model has been trained on an impressive dataset of over 11 million images featuring more than 1.1 billion objects, making it versatile for many use cases.

With this tool, users can, for example, annotate solar panels, trenches, trees, stockpiles, inverters, panel stock, buildings, vehicles, cracks, or anything at all with just one click. This breakthrough technology makes annotating and measuring elements on solar sites faster, easier, and more accurate.

What are the benefits?

The AI Magic Wand tool helps solar professionals save time and increase productivity by streamlining the process of annotating and measuring elements inside the Digital Twin of their solar site.

Our platform already includes quick and easy-to-use annotation and measurement tools. These tools enable users to perform various measurements, including volume calculations for stockpiles or identifying specific issues on the site that warrant further investigation. However, manually drawing these annotations on the map can take time and effort, especially when handling many of them.

With the introduction of the AI Magic Wand tool, users can now annotate any object with just a single click, eliminating the need for manual drawing. This drastically reduces the time spent on annotations and empowers users to carry out many tasks more efficiently.

The Future of AI-Powered Solar Site Management

The AI Magic Wand tool is currently in beta with a limited set of customers and will be available to all our customers soon.

This tool is just one example of the numerous AI-powered solutions we have implemented at Sitemark. As our customers collect an ever-growing volume of data from larger and more complex solar sites, managing and analyzing this information becomes increasingly challenging. AI has the potential to revolutionize this process, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

To discover how you can leverage AI in your solar project and unlock its full potential, schedule a live demo with one of our experts today!