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How digitalization helps mitigate deviations from design

By December 16, 2022November 22nd, 2023No Comments

At a glance

  • Due to a change in planning at one of Alinea Solar’s sites, the EPC did the trenching before the piling.
  • Because the EPC deviated from the design, two piles would have cut the cables if not spotted in time. This would only get discovered at commissioning when no output was generated.
  • Sitemark’s Fuse Platform enabled Alinea Solar to visualize the issue and find a solution within two days and avoid a cost of 11.250€


Due to a change in the planning and to avoid delays, the EPC commenced the trenching before the piling. After performing a drone flight, analyzing the data on the Platform, and overlaying the PV modules’ design with the balance, Alinea Solar’s team discovered the EPC had deviated from the design:

  • Two piles would almost end up in a trench
  • Another pile would be put in a trench

This deviation would have caused significant issues when the piling started. The piles would have cut at least three inverter cables at that location. The inverters each produce an output of 200kWp at a value of 0,05€/KWh. In this case, the owner signed a contract stating they would be paid 2.5x the value of 0,05€/kWh during the first months. A quick calculation shows a loss of 375€/day. 

600 kWP x 0,05€/kWh x 2,5 = 375€/day

Doing the correct repairs would easily have taken ten days since patching the cables would not have sufficed. Instead, they would have had to replace the damaged cabling and open & close the trenches to perform the electrical works. This would easily cost 7500€ on top of the daily lost output. 

Another quick calculation would show a total cost of 11.250€.

digital view of piles almost in a trench

The team from Alinea Solar needed to act fast and used the Sitemark Fuse platform to validate different solutions to mitigate the issue.


Simple measurements with the drone scan and CAD overlays allowed Alinea Solar to quickly validate if machines could still pass if they moved the tables and whether they would hit the trench dug at the other side of the site.

digitalization helps mitigate deviations from design

The Sitemark Fuse Platform enabled them to measure distances for this.

digitalization helps mitigate deviations from design
digitalization helps mitigate deviations from design


Within two days, the team found a solution and contacted the contractor to change the drawing to avoid the piles being placed on the trenches without delaying the project.

If not spotted in time, the impact would have been severe and taken a lot more time to solve:

  • During commissioning the panels would not generate output
  • It would have taken at least 10 days to do the needed repairs, resulting in a cost of €11.250€.

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This success story was created from the webinar How to Outsmart Solar Construction Issues Through Digitalization.