The Solar PV Operations Lifecycle Where Aerial Inspections Make a Difference

It is critical to have complete insight into the status of your solar assets. Aerial inspections reduce risk and optimize profitability. This is essential throughout the project lifecycle, from site construction to the operational phase and site handovers.

With a digital twin, gain the power of having a single source of truth across all stages of your solar site lifecycle

Solar Site Lifecycle
Solar Site Lifecycle - top part@2x

Solar Site Inspection

Shorten the repair and cleaning maintenance cycles by using aerial inspections; keep your solar sites running at peak efficiency.

Using a thermal and visual (RGB) view, you can determine exactly where and what the problems are on your site.

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Solar Site Construction

Track the construction of your solar sites to track progress, monitor quality, and address problems easier, saving you time and money.

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The bottom line is you can’t fix what you can’t see.

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