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The magic of a digital thread for tracking your site assets

By September 8, 2020November 22nd, 2023No Comments

The Swipe/Compare feature set the bar for being able to view your site year over year/from inspection to inspection. But what if we took that functionality to the next level? What if you could compare more than just two sets of data, and more than just a visual side-by-side comparison? How much more strategic could you be in your decision-making?

Sitemark introduces the new Digital Thread feature available on the Sitemark Fuse Platform.

What is a digital thread?

A digital thread allows you to capture and therefore, compare over time every element in your solar or construction site from a solar panel to a quarry stockpile. This feature captures and tracks as if it were a digital logbook or traced history where you can monitor the evolution of single element throughout the lifecycle of the site or structure. These digital threads will then be accessible in the digital twin (a digital copy of the real world). All of this data can then be managed and shared using the Sitemark Fuse platform.

Why is it important?

A Digital thread is a new feature and what makes it so valuable is the ability to easily store and manipulate all the captured information, you don’t have to manually add-in data as with other services. Our system automatically detects the significant elements on-site and then fuses them into the digital twin. This means every time the system finds a new solar panel, it will look into the available digital twin to detect if it has already seen that panel before and if so, will fuse the new information to the old one. By doing so, a digital thread is created.

How is it used?

When looking at the details of a detection (e.g. solar anomalies), you can now see the timeline of that specific asset across its lifecycle and different detections on the asset across operations. For example, if you inspect with Sitemark while building your site and then 5 years later you find an issue you are able to go back in time to see when and how it was built. This ability makes it clearer to identify problems such as if the issue could be related to bad construction. Or if technicians replaced elements on-site or changed panels, all of that is safely registered in the digital thread of that panel making it easier than ever to trace back issues or get a better understanding of problems.

The field techs are also able to be connected to the Sitemark platform though our Fulcrum field app integration. This allows field staff to easily report issues by capturing geotagged photos, comments and barcodes, all directly from within the field.

Welcome to a single source of truth. Sitemark centralizes and integrates with all your data and stores it safely for management and collaboration. If you’d like to learn more about digital threads and digital twins, check out the webinar Solar Site Lifecycle: Optimize your solar site’s profitability with complete insight every step of the way.