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Inventory Management and Reporting

Reduce the need for staff to walk and measure stockpiles. The Sitemark platform includes tools for accurately measuring stockpile including comparisons with volume data from earlier surveys. The platform also supports export of volume, density, and mass measurements directly to other 3rd party applications.

Roads Monitoring and Safety

The Sitemark platform makes it easy to assess haul road conditions on a regular basis, while allowing for better traffic planning and management. Advanced automated analytics in the platform enable site personnel to easily calculate haul road lengths, measure slopes, gradients, and check roads against design and safety requirements.

A Single Source of Truth for Your Work Site

The Sitemark platform is a single source for managing and tracking operations across single or multiple sites. Advanced role management allows users with varying levels of access securely view and work with data relevant to them; whether its calculating volumes, managing materials, creating inventory reports, and validating or updating mine engineering design plans.

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