The Sitemark Pilot App

Easily fly and map your sites with your mobile device.

Automated Flights

Both beginners and professionals benefit from using the Sitemark Pilot App. the Pilot App is designed to plan automatic flights, where, after an automated take-off, the drone flies the mission plan, captures the images and returns to the take-off area for landing. Via a camera live stream the pilot is able to follow-up closely the mission plan.

Data reliability

Because of the automated terrain adjustment feature in the Sitemark Pilot App, the drone will automatically adapt to the different heights of the terrain if you are flying on an inconsistent terrain. Using this feature lets you guarantee a consistent resolution and quality of the data.

Fully integrated

The Sitemark Pilot App is seamlessly integrated with the Sitemark Platform, which enables you to plan your flights in the web-based platform. The data will be automatically exchanged with the Pilot App to have the same reliable data everywhere.

Offline Mode with Data Retention

The Sitemark Pilot App can be used both online & offline, whilst always keeping track of your data. The app is available on iOS only.

Automatic Terrain Adjustment

Automatical adaptation of the flight path to the different heights present in the sites terrain.

In-Flight Data Quality Feedback

Real-time feedback about the acquired data including image locations & quality. Battery level notifications & automatic return to base feature are also included.

Perfectly compatible with

DJI™ Matrice Series

DJI™ Inspire Series

DJI™ Phantom Series

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