The Sitemark Fuse Platform

Control your assets with complete confidence.

Sitemark Fuse makes use of visual data giving full transparency into your assets.


Virtually visit your asset at any time to easily find anomalies in solar panels, or measure volumes and stock materials on site.


Sitemark Fuse is compatible with a wide range of data sources – including drone data, satellite or ground sensors such as lidars.

  • Advanced flight planning tools for any type of drone, including fixed wing
  • Easily upload data through our uploader tool or automate using API’s
  • Automated validation checks to ensure maximum accuracy and quality

Sitemark offers end-to-end data acquisition services using our global network of drone pilots or we can train your own pilots to capture the highest quality data. Click here if you’re interested in joining our network


Industry-specific tools and analytics translate your data into actionable business insights

  • Measure  as if you are on-site and generate reports at the click of a button
  • Automate Insights using AI to save time and improve accuracy
  • Quality checks by our in-house experts ensuring maximum accuracy


Report and share insights with stakeholders & field staff

  • Report through one-click PDF reporting
  • Share links  allow for sharing insights & measurements with stakeholders & technicians
  • Access data on-site using our Field App integration

Customize and Integrate

Sitemark Fuse integrates with your existing tools, legacy workflows and allows for customization.


Integrate with external systems to maintain your end-to-end workflow using APIs


Compatible with the full range of common import and export data file formats


Customize the user interface and configure features for your needs

Map, measure and digitalize your solar or construction site using aerial data analytics