The AI Driven Digital Twin Platform Your Business Deserves

Advance your operations with the tech stack built around your needs.

Data Agnostic



We built our tech platform knowing our customers demand a secure and highly accurate solution that can give them visibility into their entire physical asset portfolio.

Lean on our applied deep learning and extensive ERP integrations that allow you to maintain your end-to-end workflow and make informed decisions to improve their operations.

Spatial-Temporal Digital Twin

Build a lasting digital record of your site using the power of a digital twin in both the spatial and temporal dimension.

  • Bring data from different sources together in a single place
  • Visualise your site in 2D and 3D at any point in time
  • Identify trends and correlations to predict future issues on your site

Applied Deep Learning

Extract actionable insights from your data at scale using advanced machine learning technologies integrated into Sitemark Fuse.

  • Supports variety of geospatial data such as RGB and Thermal orthomosaics, images and point clouds
  • Advanced models trained on data from thousands of sites
  • High accuracy guaranteed using Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) model

Data Integration

Get rid of data silos by seamlessly integrating all of your data and tools with Sitemark Fuse.

  • Import and export in a wide range of formats such as DXF, TIFF, LAS, GeoJSON, KML, PDF and many more
  • Integrate with your existing systems using the Sitemark API
  • Leverage built-in premium integrations such as SolarGIS, Fulcrum and more

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