Optimize your solar yields and

eliminate losses.

Put our inspection solutions to work inside your operations and maximize results.




Maintenance Costs



The Solar Industry Relies on Sitemark

Sitemark covers your entire solar site lifecycle.

Acquire Data Your Way

Managed drone services

Sitemark manages flight operationaly in 40+ countries.

Fly your own drone

Our team of experts can teach you how to plan flights, manage equipment and fly.

Upload pre-processed data

Already have data that needs analysis? Leverage existing processed information.

Analyze with AI

PV Anomaly and Cause Detection

Pinpoint the panels causing production issues and understand the root cause.

Power Loss Estimations

Get an instant estimation of the yield and revenue loss associated with anomalies.

Digital Thread

Identify persistent and evolving issues by comparing historical data for each module.

Act on Intelligent Reporting

Customizable Reporting

Build reports that all of your stakeholders can rely on including panel numbering.

Field app built for action

Create digital punch lists accessible on a mobile or tablet in the field.


Automate and integrate with your existing systems and tools.

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“When it comes to PV inspections and construction monitoring with drones, Sitemark Fuse is one of the most comprehensive aerial intelligence platforms in the world.”

Ricardo MachadoManaging Director at Dynamis Drone Service