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Whether you are an Asset Manager, O&M or EPC Contractor, Sitemark Fuse can help you at every stage of the solar site lifecycle. At each milestone, it is critical to have complete insight into the status of your solar assets to reduce risk and optimize profitability. This is essential - from construction to the operational phase and site handovers - to save time while increasing your power production and profitability.

Solar Site Lifecycle
Solar Lifecycle - inspection stages
[Solar inspection page] Solar Inspection Essential

Solar Inspection Essential

Solar Inspection Essential locates site maintenance issues and their causes on a photo level. Ideal for larger sites thanks to faster data acquisition.

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Solar Inspection Pro

Capture a full visual and thermal orthomosaic view of your site, delivering the most accurate and quality output available in the market. The orthomosaic allows you easily locate the exact location of the anomalies as well as audit the anomalies on your site.

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Thermal Anomaly and Visual Cause Classifications

All of Sitemark’s Solar Inspection analytics use AI and thermal quality control checks to identify anomalies. While the automated checks improve speed, Sitemark also has on staff certified thermographers as a “human in the loop” component to confirm and ensure the highest level of accuracy in evaluating your data.

  • Thermal Cause Classifications - Open String, Potential-induced degradation (PID), Potential PID, Single Bypassed Substring, Double Bypassed Substring, Diode, Open Panel, Missing Panel, Multi Hotspot, Hotspot, Junction Box
  • Visual Cause Classifications - Soiling, Physical, Vegetation, Shadowing, Droppings
Key Features
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Statistics Dashboard

Interactive charts that give you a clear overview of loss estimations, anomaly detections and their causes to pinpoint areas of the site that are underperforming.

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PDF Report

An exportable PDF report that outlines everything you need for your site, including all analytics, anomalies and a visual and thermal image for each anomaly.

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Swipe/compare between visual (RGB) and thermal maps to verify AI-identified anomalies. This is also a useful tool to compare between legacy inspections and verify corrective maintenance

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Advanced filters allow you to easily prioritize critical issues according to severity and revenue loss, allowing you to focus on anomalies with the biggest impact.

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