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a solar construction project again.

Win more bids using our drone-based aerial data acquisition AI-driven analysis so your planning and construction stay on time and on budget.




On Budget



The Solar Industry Relies on Sitemark

Sitemark covers your entire solar site lifecycle.

Acquire Data for Your Build

Managed Drone Services

Sitemark manages flight operationally in 40+ countries.

Fly Your Own Drone

Our team of experts can teach you how to plan flights, manage equipment and fly.

Ground Control Points

Get centimeter level accuracy at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Analyze with AI

AI-powered Progress Reporting

Automatically report installation of objects such as piles, structures and modules.

CAD Design Overlays

Check onsite progress against design and ensure accuracy in future as-built drawings.

Digital Thread

Build a detailed digital record for future technical due diligence and asset transfers.

Act on Intelligent Reporting

Field app built for action

Create digital punch lists accessible on a mobile or tablet in the field.

Customizable reporting

No more stakeholder debates. Our robust reporting gives your team shared knowledge.


Automate and integrate with your existing systems and tools.

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