Using drone data and the Sitemark Fuse Platform for solar site construction to track progress, monitor quality, and address problems easier, saves you time and money when compared to traditional methods.


Keep your project on track

Track site progress and productivity against design, such as trenching, piles, modules and structures.

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Spot and address problems

Avoid expensive rework by spotting problems using real-time aerial data

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Improve collaboration and reporting

No more data silos. Keep all of your information in a single source of truth. Generate reports in PDF or CSV to share with stakeholders

Solar Site Lifecycle
AI-powered Progress Reporting

AI-powered Progress Reporting

Know your project's status more frequently. Sitemark Fuse automatically detects objects such as modules, piles and structures using AI to enable fast data-turnaround.

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Check against CAD design

Spot problems easily by importing your CAD design files such as DXF and DWG into Sitemark Fuse and check progress and quality automatically using our unique object fusing technology.

Level up to the digitalization era

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