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From planning to progress updates, our Fuse platform delivers insights into exactly what is happening onsite.




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Sitemark covers your entire construction project.

Large commercial projects are demanding on schedule, budget, and people. It’s challenging enough to keep track of progress and assets, let alone have all the stakeholders aligned on the same data.

Sitemark built a world class construction intelligence platform so your team can analyze and optimize pre-construction planning and builds.

Get the analytics and transparency insights needed to win more bids and effectively manage your construction projects from anywhere.

The Construction Industry Relies on Sitemark

Acquire Data Your Project Needs

Managed Drone Services

Sitemark manages flight operationally in 40+ countries.

Fly Your Own Drone

Our team of experts can teach you how to plan flights, manage equipment and fly.

Ground Control Points

Get centimeter level accuracy at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Analyze Operations

Advanced 2D/3D Measurements

Streamline your stockpile measurements and design conformance checks such as grades, lengths and heights

Track progress against design

See progress visually over time and check against design using point, cross-section and surface-to-surface comparisons

Easy data cleanups

Accelerate your data QA by easily removing objects and obstructions in a few clicks.

Act Accurately

Be Efficient

Use our field app to create punch lists for your field teams. Update and prioritize lists quickly.

Stay on Schedule

Our robust reporting gives your team shared knowledge. Easily report on stockpile volumes or cross section measurements.

Improve Collaboration

No more acting off of silo’d information. Securely share the right information and get everybody aligned.

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