Our drone pilots are an important pillar of our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. Primarily involved in the data acquisition phase, drone pilots are key in ensuring that the data quality meets the customer's objectives. One of our first pilots, Peter Bosmans, tells us about his experience working with DroneGrid and why other pilots should take the opportunity to do so.

A new opportunity through an existing business

Peter Bosmans' journey with commercial drones began out of his original profession as a video/film director. "Up until 5 years ago, if you wanted to have really good aerial photos or pictures, you needed a helicopter, which was of course, extremely expensive." New drone technologies opened up a world of possibilities for Peter in his existing business. "For my job as a director, instead of having to ask the producer for a lot of money for aerial shots, this now seemed feasible with a drone." Shortly after, Peter began seeing new commercial applications for his drone business interest. "I noticed that lots of people started to talk about using drones for inspection purposes and I thought this could be an interesting opportunity, so I started investigating. But it was all too complicated."

Together with his colleague, Peter soon realized that getting into the commercial drone inspection business well was going to require more than just flying skills. "DroneGrid understands the hassle this can be for many drone pilots and ensures to provide these professionals with what they need" says Thomas-Louis de Lophem, DroneGrid's Head of Operations. "We help them contribute to customer solutions that go beyond what they can achieve as standalone pilots".

DroneGrid walks the talk

Peter had met with other companies providing similar services, yet he knew very quickly he was onto something good from his first meeting with DroneGrid. "I noticed from the very moment that everybody at DroneGrid knew what they were doing. I was very much at ease during the first conversation! These were approachable, down-to-earth guys, not people trying to sell you stuff which hasn't even been proven to work yet." Peter also found that where other companies showed possibilities of what could work, DroneGrid is actually doing it.

"I was pretty impressed." Peter adds. "I hadn't actually seen anything like this before and that was it. I signed the agreement and immediately started flying for DroneGrid. I haven't regretted it ever since." It was a combination of professionalism, knowledge, expertise, and approachable nature that convinced him that DroneGrid was a great ally to his own business growth.

No fuss, just flying

Once Peter began working with DroneGrid he soon found more evidence that he'd chosen the right company to work with. "When they sent me the first assignment, it was very clear what I needed to do. The way of working is really, really simple, and it just works. There's no unnecessary stuff that you have to keep in mind." Simplicity and ease of use is what makes DroneGrid a competitive option for drone pilots looking to expand their business. "With DroneGrid it's really that easy: assuming you have access to the platform, you are assigned a job based on several criteria, you then accept it, you go to the site, you perform some pre-flight safety checks and press start and, that's it; - simple as that." For Peter, flying is his passion and what he wants to be doing each day, therefore DroneGrid's solutions fits him perfectly. "You don't have to take into account complex technical details, that's what DroneGrid does for the pilot."

Is DroneGrid the right place for you?

To other prospective pilots, looking for ways to grow their business Peter says: "If you're interested in flying inspection flights and you have a basic technical knowledge of what is possible with your drone, I believe DroneGrid will be the best opportunity you will have for the next couple of years. I actually mean that."

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