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What’s New in the Sitemark Fuse Platform (Q2 2020)

By June 23, 2020March 26th, 2021No Comments

Check out the latest new features and product updates in the Sitemark Fuse Platform.

1. PDF Report Export v3

Our PDF report export are now more powerful than ever! 📄📊💪

• Anomalies and annotations can be included to provide details on what’s going on with your site.

• To make sure you only report on what really matters, the filters in the platform can be applied to the data.

•  It’s now available for all data products. Construction and Mining ⛏️ customers can now use the report to export their measurements and the report is fully compatible with our new Solar Inspection Essential solution.

• You can configure what info is included for you anomalies and annotations to show only what you find important.

2. Large DXF Support

We’ve worked hard to improve the performance of the DXF overlays. We can now handle files up to 300MB with millions of features🚀 DXFs will play an important role in the future. Apart from their use in construction and mining, they will also enable advanced features in solar. Not only will they allow the possibility of tracking the progress and accuracy of your solar construction projects, they can also be used to kick off time-based analysis, allowing you to track your solar anomalies over time. 

3. Statistics Mode Filters

Being one of the most requested features, we’re thrilled that you can now filter the anomalies in Statistics Mode as well! 📊 It opens up a range of interesting insights. You can for example:

• Find out how much money you’re losing because of vegetation issues. 💰

• Determine the main causes of your hotspots. 🔥

• See which regions suffer most from shadowing issues. 🌒

Download Original Photos

Users can now download the original photos in 3 ways:

By downloading a ZIP file, per flight, containing all photos of that flight. A solar operation that’s flown in 2 blocks will thus have 4 downloads: RGB and TRM for both blocks. You can find this functionality under Export > Layer Downloads:

Please note: This feature is only available for newer operations. The photos layer will not be visible in the exports list if it’s not available.

Download a single photo linked to an anomaly. In the Solar Inspection Essential product, you can see the photos in which the anomaly is located. Those photos can be downloaded one by one.

Download a single photo in the photo popup. When you enable the Photos layer (on the right in the layer manager), you can click on a photo dot to open the photo popup. Here you can now download the original photo as well.