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Sitemark Rebrands and Prepares for the Future 3.0

By July 30, 2019June 9th, 2022No Comments

Leuven, Belgium, 5 August 2019 – Sitemark, a world-leading aerial data analytics company announces the release of its new corporate identity.

Where We’ve Been

When our founders, Vishal, Max, and Stan started the company in 2016, none of them could have predicted how far we would come and the successes and stories we can now share. Yet, here we are, over two years later, growing from strength to strength and embarking on the next phase of our successful journey.

Where We’re Going

Let’s reminisce a little and think back to 2018 when the first milestone of the company’s evolution took place, renaming the organization from Dronegrid to Sitemark. Since then, the company has continued to transform and with some exciting new developments to be announced shortly, the latest piece of our evolution is complete. Sitemark has undergone a comprehensive corporate rebranding and is pleased to release our new visual identity for Sitemark 3.0.

How Does it Look?

The new branding has been designed to reflect both the history of the company as well as our vision for the future. A new look that conveys innovation, and trustworthiness, with a simple and sophisticated aesthetic. The rebranding also includes an updated mission and vision, new platform name, and overall refresh of our marketing and communication materials to create a more unified and cohesive look and feel. A new website will be coming soon, stay tuned.

Sitemark’s CEO, Vishal Punamiya, upon announcing the corporate rebrand said:

With this corporate rebranding, Sitemark further enables the company to stand out in the crowd and reinforce our core values. A new milestone has been reached and this rebrand is a testament to the confidence we have in the work we are doing with our customers and partners and where we are headed.”

About Sitemark

Through the use of aerial data, Sitemark is pioneering the development of ground-breaking technologies and AI that fuse the physical and digital worlds.

As a leading global provider of aerial business intelligence, Sitemark is transforming the way organizations capture and analyze data. Our products and services enable our customers to make better decisions, improve the understanding of their operations, and increase the efficiency of their assets.