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Sitemark Raises 1mio Eur Investment

By June 13, 2018March 26th, 2021No Comments

Exciting news for Sitemark! We’re happy to announce our 1 million Euro capital raise by Chroma Impact Investment.

Sitemark Team

The management team of Chroma Impact Investment were one of “Sitemark’s” early customers in 2017 and having them invest into Sitemark is a huge sign of product-market validation. Additionally, Chroma’s experience and network within the energy sector will help us expand our global footprint.

“This capital increase will be used to strengthen our commercial organization and accelerate our product development. We see this as an important milestone towards becoming a world leading enterprise aerial data platform,” says Vishal Punamiya, Sitemark’s CEO.

We thank Chroma and our customers for their trust in our products and we look forward to continue delivering world-class technology solutions that help enterprises achieve site operational efficiencies through aerial data.

Read the full press release here

About Chroma Impact Investment

Chroma is a development and investment company acting as a catalyst of the energy transition. Chroma’s activities are based on three pillars : green energy projects development, equity stakeholding in innovative companies for the energy transition and financing of companies having a positive impact on a large number of people. Chroma has raised 40 M€ of capital which represents an investment capacity of 125 M€.