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Sitemark is Growing

By April 18, 2019March 26th, 2021No Comments

Change is as good as a rest, so they say, but while the organization is changing, we won’t be resting as we welcomed three new employees on April 1, and an intern became a full-time employee.

As Sitemark continues to push the envelope to deliver better, and more groundbreaking technologies to help our customers, we also need to add talented individuals to our team to further support the companies growing ambitions. To continue the growth, Sitemark is pleased to welcome Michiko Lloyd, Joe Threlfall, Ryan Pierce and Ashley Wilde to the team.

Michiko Lloyd is the newly appointed Head of Business Development and will strengthen the commercial organization by bringing together the Product, Sales, Marketing and Engineering departments. Michiko has 25+ years of experience in a wide range of business areas, including Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management and Software Development.

Joe Threlfall joins as Senior Marketing and Communications Manager and brings over 18 years of Channel, Sales and Marketing experience to the organization and will focus on developing a long-term integrated marketing strategy for the company.

Ryan Pierce started with Sitemark as an intern and was responsible for our Customer Outreach Program and has now become a full-time Solution Design and Support Associate, to continue the excellent levels of service our customers expect.

Ashley Wilde is our new intern and has recently completed his studies in Business and Management from Northumbria University. Ashley will continue to work on and develop the Customer Outreach Program.

“Scaling an organization is always a challenge, as it involves a delicate balance between delivering ongoing commitments, growing the business while building a world-class organization. It’s an exciting next step in the evolution of Sitemark, over the last months we have been focused on building and strengthening the foundations for our Business Development Organization. Michiko and Joe bring a wealth of experience, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future at Sitemark.”

Vishal Punamiya, CEO