How we contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Having a positive impact on the world has been at the core of what we do here at DroneGrid. We continue to strive to deliver high quality solutions that help our customers improve their operations. And we also understand the responsibility we have to provide a positive contribution to the world!

19 Apr 2018

How Our Team Makes Machine Learning a Reality

At DroneGrid, we pride ourselves with making the ground breaking technology that helps our customers achieve operational efficiency. But our real assets are the people that build the technology to make it happen every single day. Being 16 strong with 9+ nationalities within the team and still growing, we also pride ourselves in being diverse [...]

11 Apr 2018

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Solar Site Inspections

Solar asset managers want their sites to be productive and efficient. With the growing demand of solar energy it's never been more important to regularly inspect solar sites to ensure maximum profitability. There are three primary methods used today and in this post we’re going to show you the key differences between each of these methods.

22 Mar 2018

"Being a trail blazer in the industry" - DroneGrid's First Female Drone Pilot

Our drone pilots are an important pillar of our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. One of these pilots is Lieve van Gijsel, a drone pilot who excels at delivering data quality for DroneGrid’s customer projects. Lieve tells us more about her experience as a female pilot in this very male-dominated tech world.

08 Mar 2018

The 4-Step Workflow Every Drone Inspection Must Deliver

After understanding the main requirements for a successful drone inspection, the next aspect to consider for most enterprises is what the actual process looks like. At a high level, a good drone inspection consists of a 4-step workflow starting with identifying the expected outcome and finishing at a data analytics stage where one can evaluate [...]

02 Mar 2018

The 4 Main Requirements of a Successful Drone Inspection

When presented with a drone inspection solution, many prospective customers wonder how this particular type of solution will work in practice and what benefits it will bring. Many often wonder whether they’ll need to purchase a drone or if they should train someone to fly it in house. With the fast growth of the commercial drone industry, it [...]

22 Feb 2018

Why Drone Pilots Choose to Work With DroneGrid

Our drone pilots are an important pillar of our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. Primarily involved in the data acquisition phase, drone pilots are key in ensuring that the data quality meets the customer's objectives. One of our first pilots, Peter Bosmans, tells us about his experience working with DroneGrid and why other pilots [...]

15 Feb 2018