Having a positive impact on the world has been at the core of what we do here at DroneGrid. We continue to strive to deliver high quality solutions that help our customers improve their operations. And we also understand the responsibility we have to provide a positive contribution to the world!

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals provide a great framework for nations to take action for the betterment of people, the planet, and overall prosperity. For us, it's also provided with great context in which what we do every single day in our business can actually make a difference. Here are the four sustainable development goals we tackle with our solutions.

Affordable and Clean Energy

One of the largest markets we operate in is the Energy sector, and in particular the Renewables market. We provide organizations in the solar and wind industry with technology that can help them maximize the efficiency of their operations. Through drone technologies and aerial intelligence analytics, these industries can perform inspections, surveys, and maps that are better, faster, and reduce downtime. The insights acquired by our technology solution provide a higher visibility and decision power to asset managers striving for better ways of maintenance and monitoring of their sites.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

A key component of our end-to-end solution are the drone pilots that facilitate the data acquisition process for our enterprise customers. DroneGrid puts local drone pilots at work, creating a common bridge between these pilots, the enterprises, and industry analytics experts. As the number of licensed pilots continues to grow, we look forward to continuing expanding our network. We're also proud of the people who contribute every day to build the ground-technology that helps our customers every single day. As our team continues to grow, we're continuously providing opportunities talented individuals who enjoy a good challenge in this growing industry.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Our platform provides a comprehensive technology asset to the Infrastructure and Construction industry. Enterprises in these sectors have access to aerial data of their sites that can help them build the infrastructure of the future. This data gives them insights at a complete different level, allowing them to better track and map construction progression more easily and safer. Our Construction and Infrastructure solution provides enterprises with the ability to fully manage workflows to their specific needs: from planning with our surveyor-grade terrain functionality to 3D scan capabilities to monitor site progress.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Worldwide mining operations are as much as 28 percent less productive today than a decade ago. Using aerial data captured through our solution, mining customers can digitise their operations and increase efficiency in a multitude of applications. Examples include crack detection to reduce wastage, better road planning for fuel savings and volumetric stockpile measurements. We also work on agriculture projects that provide insights through the use of aerial imaging. These help detect diseases which allow a fast response which could save an entire orchard. As soon as these issues are discovered, farmers can monitor and apply the required remedies more precisely.