Very often aerial data capture by drones is associated with solar site anomaly inspection in the solar industry. However, did you know that aerial data can help you manage the entire cycle of your solar site?


Surveying the ground or rooftop of a potential solar site is the first stage where aerial data allows a better understanding of detailed obstacles during the design of a site. Aerial intelligence providers gather surveyor-grade imaging of the terrain or rooftop and process the raw data into various models, depending on the objectives of the survey. These are typically CAD models and other georeferenced models such as orthomosaic in GeoTIFF, mesh and point cloud.

Construction Monitoring

After surveying the potential solar site and subsequent planning required for its construction, aerial data can play a significant role in construction monitoring. Aerial intelligence providers can provide a detailed follow up the evolution of every individual solar plant construction project through data analytics platforms. Ideally these tools use machine learning algorithms that offer a unique data analytics perspective to visually track the progress of a solar site.

Inspection & Maintenance

This is one of the most well known applications of aerial data for the solar industry. Aerial intelligence providers can deliver an IEC compliant solution for automated anomaly detection and classification, providing maintenance teams to manage solar sites in an efficient and safe manner. The analytics detect a wide range of issues, fro small cell-level problems to larger string anomalies. Using aerial data can help enterprises optimize systems performance and decreasing O&M costs.


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