At DroneGrid, we pride ourselves with making the ground breaking technology that helps our customers achieve operational efficiency. But our real assets are the people that build the technology to make it happen every single day. Being 16 strong with 9+ nationalities within the team and still growing, we also pride ourselves in being diverse and fun.

One of our recent contributors in our team is Dr. Dionysios Lefkaditis. For some, everything related to artificial intelligence and machine learning still sounds like science fiction, but for Dionysios, it’s a normal day at DroneGrid.

From image analytics to game-changing technology

Dio is an electrical engineer and computer scientist with a PhD in Computer Vision. With his varied machine learning and image analytics experience, from developing a tool for marine biologists to identify otoliths in fish to industrial research in robotics and mechatronics, he joined DroneGrid to further develop the next stage of his career.

“DroneGrid gives me the opportunity to go further into deep learning and apply even more advanced machine learning techniques. I want to learn constantly”. Dio’s day to day work is certainly contributing to the game-changing technology and growth of the company. “I love being at the forefront of technology, it’s a personal interest as well as a professional pursuit, so this is a great place for me to be!”

An exciting challenge every single day

DroneGrid is a young company that’s been growing incredibly fast and Dio finds this fast pace and exciting place where he and others can thrive. “I enjoy working in this type of startup environment. The culture is nice, the people are great, everyone works hard and we have fun, too. It’s one of those environments that welcomes you and makes you feel committed to what you do”.

The flexibility and the high achievement, dynamic atmosphere are definitely positives for him; however, the true highlight of working here for Dio is how much he can get inspired to keep striving for excellence. “You do your best because you feel the wellness of the company benefits you, too. You get to feel a very strong connection with the organization and the people in it and this encourages all of us to always do our best effort.”

Why DroneGrid might be the place for you

DroneGrid is a great place for those who are dynamic, enjoy a good challenge, and want to keep driving technology forward. It operates in a growing high-tech field and those who want to join this industry must have a keen interest in it and willing to learn, too. “It’s a very trendy field right now! Besides being interested in everything related to remote sensing, drones, and image analytics, I would say it’s important to have lots of enthusiasm to learn and work.”

Dio’s final words to those considering a role at DroneGrid? “By being a part of this company and its culture you'll get the opportunity to be highly involved and get very passionate about your role. You'll get to contribute with your own skills, and you’ll have this internal drive to actually be more productive here.”

We are fortunate to have great talent like Dio contributing to our company's mission every day!

What about you? Are you ready for a new challenge?