Eneco and DroneGrid entered a strategic partnership for the inspection of solar panels across Eneco’s network in Belgium. Through DroneGrid’s Platform Eneco will streamline the monitoring of the majority of its solar sites and will create efficiencies in the inspection and maintenance process.

According to Iwein Goigne, General Manager for Eneco’s Solar Division, “DroneGrid’s solution overhauls our solar inspection process and replaces regular thermal inspections that until now have been performed manually with a fully automated drone solution. Instead of time-consuming regular inspection rounds, our inspection staff now perform targeted inspections when required. Not only does this create efficiencies, but also minimises risk for our inspectors for roof based installations.”

Vishal Punamiya, CEO of DroneGrid adds, “As solar companies are looking to gain efficiencies and optimise inspection costs, DroneGrid offers them a solution combining automated drone flights with automated identification and classification of anomalies. Relevant information, be it location data of underperforming or defect panels, information about specific repair actions to be taken, estimated losses caused by those defects along side other relevant information can be accessed via the customer interface.”

By September of 2017, Eneco will have deployed DroneGrid’s solution across more than 70% of its solar energy production in Belgium and is looking into expanding the partnership to include operations outside of Belgium.

About Eneco

Eneco is a leading player in the supply and production of solar and wind energy with more than 1,000 MW of production capacity in the Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK. In Belgium, Eneco is the largest single producer of solar energy with a total production capacity of 60 MW.

More Information: www.eneco.be