DroneGrid has evolved significantly since August 2016 to where it is today. We are proud to announce a new chapter in our company's story: DroneGrid is now renamed to Sitemark.

We began with a team of 3 people and a clear idea: To provide an enterprise end-to-end drone operations solution that helps customers achieve operational efficiencies through high quality aerial data. Drones have always been an integral part of the data acquisition process, yet our value proposition was always based on removing the hassle for enterprises of building drone capabilities in-house. We manage the complete workflow for customers to focus on what truly matters: the data.

Today, we take that vision one step further, thanks to our dedicated team and the crucial feedback and support we receive from our customers. The company has evolved into an enterprise aerial data platform with customers in over 20 countries, providing them with unique insights that ultimately help them take better decisions. Sitemark represents both our journey so far and what we want to achieve for the future.


Vishal Punamiya (CEO) and Phil Johnston (Sales Manager North America) at our first official event as Sitemark in Tokyo, Japan


We deliver cutting-edge site analytics by combining data from various sources including but not limited to satellites, drones, mobile devices etc. Drones have become one of the myriad of tools available to gather data. The true aim of our platform is to be a key asset for enterprises operating in Energy, Mining, and Construction, in the management of their sites; from site planning and building to continuous improvement and maintenance.

With Sitemark we continue to push the envelope and deliver better, ground-breaking technologies to help our customers. We are continuously improving our platform to ensure our users have meaningful interactions with their data, going beyond the act of just measuring, to arrive at actionable intelligence.. Sitemark epitomizes the value our platform can truly deliver for our stakeholders: Site aerial insights at their fingertips.

Thank you to those who have trusted us thus far and we look forward to working with you for years to come. And for our new stakeholders, we look forward to you joining us on this new journey.

Learn more about the Sitemark Platform here