Drone inspections can help optimize site's operations and maintenance processes. However, just as with any technology adoption, it all starts with choosing the right solution provider. Here are the top 5 questions to ask your future provider:

1. Scale Matters

Can the provider manage rolling out their solution across your entire network?

Scaling geographically requires a partner that is able to provide a consistent and secure solution to a point where your entire portfolio of assets/sites can be covered on a single platform

2. Size Matters

Can the provider's data acquisition standards apply to varying site characteristics consistently?

Larger sites have more complexities when capturing and processing high quality images. Look for providers that account for multiple parameters in flight automation, combined with full control over their photogrammetry software for accurate and consistent results

3. Internal Workflow Automation

What integration capabilities does the provider have with your internal workflows?

Deploying any external solution often involves risks of failure as it involves significant changes to internal workflows and organizational processes. Choosing solutions that are either agile or customizable are more likely to succeed in the long run.

4. End-to-End

How early in your site's lifecycle can you work with your provider?

Look for partners that provide solutions that can be utilized from early on. Deployments can start with surveying the land scape, extend into the engineering and installation phase and eventually continue into the operations and maintenance phase.

5. Collaboration and Bespoke Tools

Can the provider enable collaboration with various stakeholders involved on your projects?

Communication and collaboration can determine the outcome of your project. Out of the box compliant platforms with Business Information Modeling (BIM) methods would be a differentiator in the early stages and provide your stakeholders the highest possible value.

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