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Help (frequently asked questions)

What is Sitemark?

With Sitemark you can save, organize, share and discover your favorite websites.

Why would I want to use Sitemark?
  • You instantly get a thumbnail preview of your favorite websites
  • Save your favorite websites and share them with your friends
  • Access your favorite websites from anywhere at any time
  • View your favorite websites in 4 different ways
  • You can import your favorites/bookmarks from any browser
  • It's free, try it now!
What is a link?

A link is short for hyperlink. It is a reference to another website or webpage. The bookmarks or favorites you save in your browser are also hyperlinks.

Can I import my bookmarks?

Yes, you can. Just go to the import page and follow the instructions for Delicious.

What are tags?

Tags are keywords or terms that you can assign to a link to help you quickly find the link(s) you are looking for.

What is a Sitemark club?

A Sitemark club contains a collection of links, just like your own personal page. The difference is that a club is public: many members work together on a club. You may join existing clubs or create a new club to earn trust points and help the Sitemark community grow.

What are Trust points?

Trust points are rewarded by moderators to members who help build the Sitemark clubs.
Trust points are a way to reduce spam and irrelevant links in the clubs.
You can earn trust points by contributing to the clubs.

I have another question.

Please send us an email. We will reply within 24 hours.